Ballymagarvey Village Wedding Photography

Alison & Martin

Ballymagarvey Wedding Photographer

Being a professional wedding photographer at Ballymagarvey Village during a winter wedding is a truly unique and special experience. The venue's elegant Georgian architecture and gardens are striking against the wintery backdrop, providing a picturesque setting for your photographs.
During a winter wedding, the light is often soft and diffused, creating a romantic and dreamy atmosphere that is perfect for capturing intimate moments and candid shots.
As a professional wedding photographer, working at Ballymagarvey Village during a winter wedding is an absolute pleasure. The venue's timeless beauty and elegant setting provide endless opportunities for creating stunning and romantic images that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Alsion & Martin got married in front of a small group of their closest family and friends. After the ceremony, we spend 20 mins on the gorgeous grounds of Ballymagarvey taking pictures before they joined their guests for their reception. After dinner it was sparklers and the essential chandelier tree shot before a night on the dancefloor.